Friday, June 3, 2011


Tik tok tik tok
3am in the morning. 
I'm still awake. *Pheeeewwww*. 
Bukak youtube, terjumpa klip video ni. 
Watch it. 
And you will understand.

NotaNana: S-E-P-E-T.  
Suddenly remembered the story about six years ago.  
Almost a year and a half in love.  
But .... *speechless*.  
Last I heard about him, he was in the UK.  
Whatever it is, wishing you happiness today, tomorrow and always :)
Ouch. Sweetie cutie pie. Jason and Orked.


marinaazmi said...

Marina pun suka cerita nihh. Very very romantic. :)

Shazana Hanis said...

ouch. So sweet.