Thursday, April 7, 2011


Dear Sir Azmi Nias Ahmad,

Today, officially  the Pbl(Problem Based Learning) Session is DONE. For this semester, it's OVER. Quite sad actually. But it gives other side of meaning, which is the final exam is coming soon. *scared*. First of all, a million thanks to my beloved group member's Fieza, Farah and Najibah. Thank you for everything, starting from A until Z. I know it's not an easy work without you guys was by my side. Thank you for your effort, kindness, patience, tolerate, and also understanding. I really appreciate all the ideas, that have been given during the Pbl session.
Last night, after having a short conversation with Fieza, I have decided to wear orange and brown for today. I will upload the picture later.

Regarding for this session, I know and understand almost all the question and also the answers. This is because, Sir Azmi gives a short but meaningful of briefing and discussing the answer during the class hour. Thank you Sir, because you make it more clear how to begin the Pbl session for this time. I understand about the characteristics of bad systems to detect if something is wrong with the current or new systems. The answer is worst that the old system, no point to have new system, not flexible which is not easily maintain and etc. The information systems elements that need to be designed consists of input design, output design, user interface design, database design, network design, process design and control design. My group and I was present about Question number 3 which is the activities done in the implementation phase. The answer, this process consists of developing a plan, preparing the site, installing and testing hardware, selecting and training personnel, completing the documentation and testing the system.

I do love everything about Pbl session because I really enjoyed learn something new. Gain a new knowledge. I mean new things, but with a great explanation by you, Sir. So, everything is smooth.

NotaNana:Dear Sir, thank you for everything that you have done. Thank you for your guidance, advices, knowledge, moral support and many more. I believe you are such a great mentor, motivator, father, lecturer and also friends. I feel comfortable with you especially when I want to discuss or asking you something. No matter on what issues. I pray for your success and I hope all your dreams will come true. Grab your PHD and later the TITLE. Hope after this, your dreams to become PROF. DATO' DR MOHAMAD AZMI NIAS AHMAD come true.
Good luck in everything you do.
 God's willing.

Sparkling's member with Sir Azmi Nias Ahmad :)

My dear Farah.

My dear Najibah.

My dear Fieza.

Me. Myself. I.

Update my blog.
Ok, I got to go. Tomorrow I have test and placement interview. Wish me luck.
 That's all for tonight. Bubbye.


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